2022 Tulip Trails of Holland Bike & Boat Tour

TOUR DATES April 2-9, 2022

Join us in Amsterdam for a bike & boat tour through Holland while spring flowers are in breathtaking bloom!

Visit the famous Keukenhof gardens, home to the annual springtime displays of hundreds of thousands of blooming tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other bulb flowers.

Take an early morning stroll above the world-famous Aalsmeer flower auction where you’ll witness an astonishing array of beautiful flowers being traded and exported all over the world.

Among the other highlights of the tour are bike rides to the charming cities of Haarlem and Leiden where you’ll view extraordinary architecture while you learn a little history.

You’ll continue to Gouda and Alkmaar where cheese tastings are a must! You’ll cycle (and sail) alongside canals that weave through picturesque landscape of tulip farms, pastures, windmills, and wooden houses.